May 5, 2015

One week postpartum

I don't plan on doing these weekly for very long (maybe just until the first month), but I've always found them interesting on other blogs so here we go!

As of yesterday, Parker is one week old!
*Cracks. Me. Up. His facial expressions are hilarious - especially right when he wakes up and is trying to figure out what's going on.
*Already has a handful of nicknames, but surprisingly Lemon is not one of them. I thought it would be so hard transitioning from Lemon to Parker but I haven't called him that once since he was born!

*Is still a night time baby. He is usually wide awake for any feedings between 3 and 6 AM!

*Has had huge trouble with latching. I won't get into details, but we've found a system that works (I'm pumping and we're giving him bottles), but we're hoping eventually to get him latched on so I'm not tied to the pump and can actually breastfeed.

*I'm kind of a hot mess. Having a baby is everything and nothing like I expected. I expected to be tired, but I didn't expect to be capable of falling asleep while hooked up to a breast pump because I'm so tired. I expected to have hormones and feelings but didn't realize how big they would be - good or bad. For instance, sometimes I'll be looking at him and say "I love you," and am so overcome with emotion I start tearing up right there!
Proof that one day not only did I shower, but I dried my hair too!
*I am exhausted. I don't even think that's the right word for it, because holy woah. We had some serious feeding issues with P his first week home - he dropped more than a pound in five days and since last Friday we've spent every two hours feeding him, and having me pump in an effort to get weight back on. The good news is it's working - he's up eight and a half ounces in a span of four days - the bad news is it's exhausting. One night we decided to let him go an extra hour before waking him and it was ridiculous how much two and a half hours of sleep made me feel like a new woman.

*Overall though I'm recovering well. I labored for 24 hours and then ended up having a c-section (more on that later), so I'm trying to remember I too am a patient and had major surgery. Thank God for supportive friends and our families - my mom and mother-in-law have been taking turns staying the night at our house to help with feedings (when I say every two hours I'm not exaggerating), and my mom even made us a chart that hangs in our hallways so we know who is coming when, and bringing food. They want us to focus on being with/feeding the baby and they are essentially taking care of everything else. We are so grateful for their help!

*Are settling in as a unit of three. And by that, I mean surviving. We got home from the hospital on a Thursday evening, and I feel like I didn't even really get to see/spend time with Ben until the following Monday!
Before we left the hospital!
*It's amazing to see Ben in the role of a father. I knew he'd be amazing with Parker, but to actually get to see how much love he has for this little boy after all this time makes my heart want to burst!

I'm sure there's way more I could write but I'm a little zombie-esque, so we'll end it here for now!


BFraze said...

Quit blogging and go to sleep between feedings! :-)

Nora said...

I love the tag "Watch Lemon Grow." Super adorable. Thank YOU for taking the time out of your sleep-deprived schedule to share this with us. I love these updates and appreciate the time it takes away from a sleep/shower/baby snuggles in a big way. You're doing great and I'm so happy/proud of you (As silly as that sounds). <3

Amber said...

One week!! Wow! Sounds like it's been a crazy busy and intense week for you guys! Parker is already growing up so fast. I hope the latching/feeding issues get sorted out soon for you guys. Every single one of my friends who has had a baby recently has had troubles with breastfeeding. It's so crazy/interesting how we spend our whole lives thinking this is just natural and something our bodies do and then it ends up being so difficult. Thinking about you guys and sending lots of love to all three of you! xoxo

Prairie Anonymous said...

Hang in there. It gets better. And better. And better. Until then, you just get by.
Sleep deprivation is major. I had no idea how much it messes up your emotions. Yay for all the help!
Breastfeeding is hard. The nipple shield worked for us. Good luck.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Parker is ADORABLE. His facial expressions are the best!! I love that mad one hahaha.

You are doing an amazing job, mama!!!

(Another nipple shield user here, seriously love that thing!)

Lauren| said...

Parker is adorable - I love those faces! So happy to hear you guys are finding a feeding schedule/technique that works for you (even though it sounds so exhausting!). Hang in there - you're doing an AWESOME job!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, he is so darn cute! I love all of his different facial expressions! I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of him if I was you (well, until I collapsed from exhaustion of course). Pumping every 2 hours sounds so intense and exhausting so good for you for keeping up with it. I am so glad you've got a supportive family around you to support you guys during this exhausting but exciting time! I hope that the latching gets better. I have heard that nipple shields are a Godsend! I don't think that helps w/ latching but my mom friends have said their nipples said thank you when they used them. ;)

Thanks for popping in with an update! Love you!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Love those facial expressions! I had to get Isla eating every two hours for the first couple days at home because of latching issues and man, the tired. She would sleep through it so I'd have to set an alarm. Ugh. I used a nipple shield for months. So helpful.

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Aw, congratulations! Parker is adorable and looks great.

Nicole said...

His expressions! I am cracking up!
The sleep deprivation plus postpartum hormones is such a wretched combination :( Hopefully he can start going a little longer between feedings soon! Until then, just be proud of yourself that you can manage entire coherent sentences, because that's more than most people can do under such circumstances!

Emily Ward said...

Such a cutie!

Unknown said...

Congratulations & welcome to motherhood! I am over the moon that you are a mom and despite the lack of sleep, sleep will come eventually and coffee is your new best friend! It is awesome that you have the help of your mom & mother in law! I gained a whole new perspective on my mom, after experiencing the first 6 weeks with Leland and all that our moms did and continue to do! Parker is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to see more his adventures with you! Congratulations from Victoria, Ben & Leland and the whole Lathrop clan!

Holly said...

Congratulations! Your little man is adorable, and I love his name! We called our daughter Petunia before she was born and she was still "Tuney" for the first few weeks of her life. It took me awhile to get used to calling her Ellie! I'm glad you have lots of help!

Stephany said...

I'm just impressed that you not only showered, BUT wrote a blog post. Way to go, mama! I've been thinking of you and hoping the transition home has been okay. I know it's always kinda insane dealing with the demands of a newborn (I can't even imagine the EXHAUSTION! You poor thing!) But what a doll your son is. Those faces! Haha!

Katelin said...

I mean, yes to all of this. You've got this mama! :)

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