May 29, 2015

Things I've learned lately

Today I'm borrowing this idea from the lovely Nora

Things I've learned lately:

*I'm becoming a pro at this one-handed stuff. It's amazing what I can do one-handed - eat, read (thank you Kindle), and even text - although that takes significantly longer.

*It's amazing what a shower can do for your energy level. Seriously.
*I love maxi dresses. I thought I knew this but my love for them has grown leaps and bounds; they are comfy, flattering, and easy to pull down for pumping. I am living in them lately.

*I'm really proud of myself about Parker's weight gain. I didn't go into a lot of detail about this, but because of the latching issue we had the week we brought him home, he dropped a pound that first week. We had to put weight back on him quickly, and as hard as exclusively pumping has been I am glad my supply is good and I've been able to feed him. (Side note: this is by no means a judgement for anyone who uses formula for their baby. Find what works for you and who cares what anyone else thinks!) At his two-week appointment he weighed seven pounds, nine ounces (more than his birth weight!), and a few days ago he was up to nine pounds, one ounce! He's becoming the most adorable chunky monkey and I love being able to see my hard work pay off! 

*I am exhausted and amazed by motherhood on a daily basis. I'll be so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, yet still manage to gaze in wonder at the nose, the eyes, the little fingers, Ben and I created. I am getting more and more pumped for the Walk of Hope in a week. (And there's still time to participate in my jewelry fundraiser!)

*I can live without dairy. This is not something I ever thought I'd say but poor little P-man seems to have a big intolerance to it, and since what I eat gets into my milk and into this system I have eliminated it from my diet. There are days I think there's no way I can keep going without some ice cream, but seeing the effects it has on him keeps me motivated. (Also, feel free to send me all the yummy recipes and lists of food that are dairy-free!)

What have you learned lately?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

So glad little Parker is doing so well :) Great job Mama!

That's tough to give up dairy! Did you also have to give up soy? I know So Delicious (I think thats the name) makes some good ice cream chocolate popsicles ha ha.

Dani said...

That your kid puts my side eye skills to shame.

Nora said...

That if I go a week without seeing my local friends babies they change SO MUCH. It's amazing how fast it goes.

I've also learned that as much as I hate a 5:50 am alarm, getting my workout done and out of the way is not a shabby way to start the day.

That's such an awesome maxi dress; love the print. they are one of my most favorite things ever.

Kate @ said...

A baby is basically the only reason I would ever commit to a life without cheese. Good on you, mama! You're doing great.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that you are surviving without dairy! It is a BIG change. I went DF for about a year, maybe longer, and it was tough to adjust to life without cheese or ice cream but it's doable when it's worth it for health reasons (for me, my complexion; for you, your baby's tummy!). I actually have quite a few DF recipe posts on my blog so you could scroll through them (they are tagged dairy free, I think, and I have a place on the right where you can see all my tags). Or you could check out some vegan blogs, like Oh She Glows as she has great recipes and you could modify some to include meat if you wanted? Good luck lady! Transitions like this are always hard in the beginning!

Anyways, things I've learned this week are that weekends that don't require me to do my hair or wear make-up are the best, that taking weekend trips to visit new places is always worth the money spent, and that it's really great to come home to a boyfriend you missed that will pick you up at the airport. :)

Amber said...

Wow that is interesting about the whole dairy thing! I bet that would be tough but I'm glad that you giving up dairy is making Parker feel better!

I LOVE maxi dresses too. They are my go-to look in the summer!

Unknown said...

Trader Joe's has amazing coconut milk ice cream!

Katelin said...

Dude, showers are amazing. I never knew I could love them more than I already did, ha.

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