May 22, 2015

What would we do without hope

In general, I don't like asking people for money. I mean really, who does - it's awkward and there's always the chance they'll say no, right?

But tomorrow is two weeks until the DC Walk of Hope, and I want Team Rainbow Baby to raise as much as we can for Resolve.

When it comes to this Walk, it's so much more than fundraising for me.

Last night, I was thinking about how much this year's Walk means to me; I was sitting in the glider in our living room, and I had a moment.

A moment I've only dreamed about for five long years.

I was reading, while holding my son. I looked down at his little hand resting on my chest, and thought my heart might burst with joy.
I remember sitting in our apartment, crying over yet another negative pregnancy test, asking myself why I even bothered to buy them anymore. I remember smiling at baby showers when I felt like my heart was breaking. I remember wondering if we were ever going to be parents.

I remember the first time I found the Resolve website, and feeling like I could maybe do something to "take back" my infertility. I remember the butterflies in my stomach on Advocacy Day last year, and how exhausted I was on the metro ride home but how empowered I felt.

I remember the uplifting spirit of last year's Walk, and how buoyed I felt afterwards, even while still grieving for Cece.

I remember every blood draw, ultrasound, and every twinge of this pregnancy that made me doubt this would really happen. I remember hearing our son cry for the first time.

All these moments - it seems cheesy to say they wouldn't have happened without Resolve, but I truly believe that.

Resolve helped me find my voice. Resolve connected me with others who have been there.

Infertility ripped me apart. Resolve helped stitch me back together. 

I thought about all my fellow infertility warriors that are still in the trenches - pouring all they have into another round of procedures without guaranteed results, or hoping for "the call" from their adoption agency to say they've finally been matched. Simply...waiting.

As I thought about all this, I gently stroked Parker's hand and cried big fat tears - of joy, of sorrow, really, just all the feelings.

I wouldn't be here without Resolve, and I need your help to show them that.

There are a few ways you can support Team Rainbow Baby.

1) If you're local, you can register and join our team. (But hurry, because we're ordering team shirts! Woo!)

2) You can donate on our page here - any amount helps - even if it's just the cost of a latte!

3) You can share our team link with friends and family!

4) You can participate in my jewelry fundraiser - support our team and get yourself (or a friend!) something fun! My friend Brooke is a jeweler with Premier Designs, and she's helped me organize a virtual jewelry party and is donating profits to our Team!
Here are the details of the jewelry fundraiser:

*100% of the profits from an order of the "hope" necklace (shown above) will be donated to our team!
*100% of the profits from the "Cece" collection (shown below) will be donated to our team! (I have the ring and love it!)
*50% of the profits from any other item will be donated to our team!

You can browse the catalog at this link (access code: BLING), and then email Brooke (, to place your order. Just mention my name or "Team Rainbow Baby," or "Walk of Hope" somewhere in your email so your order will be credited towards us. Orders have to be placed by 11:59 PM (EST) on May 31st to be counted!

I wish I could tell you a donation to Team Rainbow Baby will "fix" infertility. (Oh, don't I wish!) However, it could help form a support group for people going through treatments, or struggling with what's going to be their next step.

It could help events like the Walk of Hope or Advocacy Day, to bring awareness to this disease.

And it's definitely going to show others that even though this is one of the most isolating journeys, they are never, ever alone.

Having a family shouldn't be this hard - it shouldn't take years, or tens of thousands of dollars. 

So if you can spare it, I'd love your support. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You are such a great asset to this organization! I am so glad that you found Resolve - and that Resolve has you at their helm! I hope the walk is super successful. Love you!

Amber said...

I'm so happy you found Resolve. Can't wait to hear how the walk goes this year! xoxo

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