Jul 19, 2015


I'm stealing hijacking borrowing this idea from a few other lovely bloggers - figured this was a fun way to start the week!


Reading: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. We're really working on a sleep schedule for Parks and while some of the suggestions in here are about letting a baby cry it out (if it works for you great, but not our cup of tea), I'm learning a lot about sleep!

Loving: This crazy little boy of ours. Despite the not sleeping, he is so much fun these days - cooing and smiling, and making us laugh so much!

Frustrated: That I have to work. I mean, doesn't someone just want to pay me to stay at home with P? Because I would totally rock it. Having said that, last week and this week I'm part-time before I go back to work full-time - so glad I can ease into it because I was wiped after my first day back.

Feeling: Tired. And thankful.

Thinking: It's crazy what's happened in a year. We're fast approaching our one-year date of being in this house - it seems like so long ago when we were still in a one-bedroom apartment. This means we're also approaching a year since Cece's due date, and a year since finding out I was pregnant with Parker. Just...wow.

Anticipating: Parker's baptism next weekend! We have friends and family coming into town and I can't wait to celebrate this little boy!

Watching: Friday Night Lights. I finished the series before heading back to work and now there's a hole in my heart nothing else can fill, so I'm re-watching it. #texasforever

Listening to: Book Riot podcasts during my commute - it's amazing how quickly they make the car ride go by. Also, the new Kacey Musgraves CD - mind your own biscuits, indeed!

Working: Hard at this sleep schedule. I'm keeping a sleep log, but I think we had the trifecta working against us this week - Parks adjusting to me being back at work, a growth spurt, and maaaybe the very start of teething. (It would be early, but there are so many signs there, we'll just have to see). Last night he slept on me on the couch and we both woke up rested this morning. You just need some Mama snuggles? No problem, tiny man.

Grateful: For the naps P takes, even though they're only about 40 minutes each. It's amazing what you can get done in 40 minutes. For instance, cleaning off the coffee table, sterilizing bottles, throwing in laundry, and eating with more than one hand.

Wondering: What the future looks like for us this year - I definitely do not want to rush any time, but I'm curious to see how Parks will like the colors of fall (he's a big fan of outside walks), and all the lights around Christmas!
Wanting: Just a little more time in each day - but specifically time where I don't have to pump so I can just use it to sleep. Ha!

Loving: Oatmeal. Random, right? I've been having instant oatmeal in the mornings when I pump, and it's so easy and filling, especially when my brain isn't quite ready to function yet. (Five AM comes earrrly). Also, I'm still having no dairy because of P's sensitivity, but have found coconut milk to be a great substitute in drinks - frappucinos, iced coffee - it's surprisingly good!

Wishing: Um, for a money tree? Otherwise I'm good right now!

What are you reading, anticipating, and loving lately? Have a great rest of your weekend!


Stephany said...

I would also like a money tree myself! :) I'm glad you're easing into going back to work. We've had new moms do that at my company, and I imagine it's such a helpful way to ease back into things. Hoping it starts getting easier!

I'm currently reading Luckiest Girl Alive and not really enjoying it, anticipating my mom getting back from her honeymoon tomorrow (yaaaaay!), and loving afternoon thunderstorms.

Jenny said...

I just finished Friday Night Lights too. I watched the movie Battleship again because Tim Riggins and Landry are in it haha :D I also watched the first episode of Ballers but I'm not sure I like it - its just not the same, so I might have to start rewatching too!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I'm going to steal this post idea too- need to blog!! A money tree would be fantastic so sign me up for one of those! That baby is SOOOOOOOOO stinking cute!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, you do have a lot of anniversaries in August... I am sure it will be a bittersweet month since it's includes happy anniversaries like moving into your house and finding out your are expecting but sad anniversaries like Cece's due date.

I'm reading "The Book of Aron" which is pretty good, anticipating my first day of work, and loving all the fresh produce that is in season right now!

Amber said...

Yes to a money tree please! Also Friday Night Lights - SOOOOO good. That is an excellent idea to just rewatch it, why didn't I think of that! I actually haven't really watched a show since that one ended because NOTHING can fill that void for me!

Nora said...

reading: right now, nothing! Which is weird for me. I need to pick up one of the several books I have on loan from the library. Anticipating: next week! We have some of D's family coming in town which I know is good for the girls but it's also a lot to be ON all the time. I'm also, strangely, looking forward to a normal work schedule next week. Loving: that it's in the 80s this week which is a welcome change after the week of 100+ temps we had. And these updates. And that it's like 35 days until I see you....!!!

Andita Rifayanti said...

Yes i need money tree too (who doesn't need a money tree? ) Btw i love this post idea. so fresh! mmm... check out my new blog please anditabcdeg.blogspot.com thanks xoxo

Katelin said...


Okay, got that out of my system.

But really, can I just smush Parker's cute little cheeks? And I love his skeptical looks. I swear, him and Riley must have studied together at the same school of skepticism, ha. And let me know if you like that book, we have it and I've skimmed it. I should probably delve into it soon because I need more sleep. We all need more sleep.

Also, money tree? YES PLEASE.

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

This kid is so damn cute.

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