Jul 5, 2015


I'm entering my last full week at home with P, so there's lots of snuggles, and a decent amount of tears (on my part), because how can I ever leave him????

In order to keep this blog from collecting too much dust I thought I'd do a fun bullet-point style post, and there may even be a guest blog later this week!

*This dude is going to be 10 weeks old tomorrow. TEN weeks. We are officially in the double digits with the weeks people, and I don't know what to do about it. It's so interesting because I remember when I reached 10 weeks in my pregnancy I was starting to hold my breath a little bit less; I'd officially gotten past the part of the pregnancy where we lost Cece, and I was only a couple more weeks away from the end of the first trimester. It's amazing to think how far we've come. (Also, I was in full-on morning sickness mode. So. Much. Puking. Ahh, memories!)
*It's July. July! Summer is in full swing, but let's be real, this gal is already dreaming about fall.

*The night of 4th of July was horrible. I expected it to be loud, and Ben and I decided we'd do the bedtime routine but I'd sleep with him downstairs (figuring I'd have to hold him most of the time), because I didn't want him associating the loud noises with his crib and interrupted sleep. Sure enough he was woken up almost every two hours like clock work - 10 PM, a little after midnight (right after he'd fallen back asleep!) and then my favorite, 2 AM. If I thought my neighbors were the ones who set off the fireworks at 2 AM I would have marched right out and given them a piece of my mind, but I think it was at least one street over. This has made today interesting, and I'm hoping it didn't totally screw his sleep up for tonight. *Sigh*
P sleeping before all the crazy fireworks
*Speaking of sleep, I might finally get some more tonight! I'm extending my night pumping schedule which means I'm not going to get up at 3 AM anymore to pump. I'll be adjusting my schedule throughout the day tomorrow so my body has time to get used to it before I go back to work. Here's hoping this really does mean more sleep for me, because that would be glorious.

*I have been watching the crap out of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I had watched the first season before but then never got back to it, but right now I am currently binging through it - I'm already halfway through season three. Tammy and Coach Taylor are awesome - clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

*I finally, finally, feel like I'm back to myself. My hormones have settled, I'm a little more confident in myself as a mom, and while there are things I'm worried about, I figure that's not going to go away anytime soon. (Whole post about this coming soon).
It's not always sunshine and rainbows over here. Sometimes we are drama queens.
*We are baptizing Parks at the end of the month, and I'm SO excited! Faith is something that has always been present in my life but in the past few years has been questioned for me - not whether or not there is a God, but more if the beliefs of the Church I was raised in are really what I believe. I've learned time and time again that life is messy and is definitely not black and white and I no longer expect my faith to be. While Ben and I don't currently have a church we attend, I'm so excited for P to know and have a relationship with God, and baptism is the first step!

*P and I are headed to a mom and baby yoga class Tuesday and I'm so excited! I've gone to a couple of restorative yoga classes since I got cleared for exercise, and while I'm dying to do a Vinyasa class, I know I really need to ease back in. I can't wait to see what this class consists of! 

What's been going on in your world lately?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is exciting that Mr. P is getting baptized this weekend! I know how confusing/difficult decisions about faith can be but I'm glad you guys have decided on baptism and feel good/confident/excited about that choice.

Life lately has been... weird. I'm in a never ending state of transition because of work but since I can't tell anyone about that transition it is extra awkward and kind of takes away from the excitement of the changes coming because I can't talk about it... but besides that, life is good. I'm loving summer and we just got back from an awesome weekend at the lake. I'm wishing I had another day in my weekend, though!

Enjoy this last week at home with P. I hope it goes realllllllly slowly!!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I remember that last week of maternity leave like it happened two seconds ago :)

I'm sorry about the fireworks. We had the same problem last year but I can offer you the hope that this year, same fireworks and no wake ups, wahoo! I really want to punch people who do fireworks past 11.

Anyway, hang there. Everything (work, babies) gets so much easier. Thinking of you!

Stephany said...

Ugh, fireworks. I just don't like them. I'm so old and crotchety, I guess, but they scare kids and terrify dogs, and they just aren't my favorite! Sorry that night was awful for Parks! :( (And you guys!!)

So glad you are feeling like yourself again! Wahoo! But boo to having to go back to work. Not wahoo.

I'm currently making my way through FNL myself. I'm still stuck on season 2. It's slow going, but I heard season 2 was the worst season of the entire series, so I'm trying to truck on through!

Nora said...

If it makes you feel better, I got texts from my dad on the 3rd and 4th while we were gone telling me how much of a baby Jack was with the firework noises! He is NOT a fan. I realize this is not the same as a baby not sleeping, of course.

Love that you had a baby & mom yoga class; sounds awesome to me!

Nicole said...

Boo to going back to work... but just remember the first few days are the hardest!

Charis Faith said...

He's just SO PRECIOUS!!!!! I love love love the pictures!!! From what I understand you will always have questions, you will often 2nd guess, but at the end of the day he will know how loved he is and that is what matters!!!

Amber said...

I know that I'm super late commenting on this and you're already back to work this week - hope it goes OK! That sucks about the stupid fireworks!!

LOVE FNL!!!! Oh man, I miss that show so much. I became SO attached to the characters when I watched it!

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