Aug 2, 2015

The third month

Holy mother my child is three months old! (And uhh, he was technically three months old on July 27th so this post is late, but that just means I'm really focusing on being with him, right?!)

*Is becoming more smiley and a little less judgey - although he can still pull out some side out like it's his job.
*Is what we're calling "pre-teething." Everything goes in the mouth and he's been biting on things for a couple of weeks. It's still a little early for teeth themselves but he's started drooling more (hello bibs!), so I wouldn't be surprised if he has a tooth by month four.
*Really enjoys tummy time now - he holds his head and shoulders up and a lot of times props himself on his arms. He even rolled from his stomach to his back one day! We think it was kind of a fluke (he hasn't done it since), but still so cool!
*Enjoys "flying" or airplane (despite what it looks like), and kicks his legs/moves his arms when we do it so it looks like he's swimming - so funny!
*Still loves ceiling fans, and has a great love for his "ladybug" mat. (See picture below). He'll touch the ladybug that dangles, and then all of a sudden smack the ladybug and laugh as she goes swinging all around! (They have a complicated relationship).
*Likes to be sitting up all the time so he can see what's going on. When we feed him now we start with him sitting up and then slowly angle him back a bit. (Yes, it is as weird as it sounds).
*Was baptized! It was a beautiful ceremony and Ben and I  couldn't have been happier with the experience - more on this (with pictures!) soon!
*Is actually enjoying pumping at work - it's a nice break, which is a welcome change from how I was feeling.
*Has been doing some Itsy Bitsy Yoga with Parks and we both love it!
*Love how smiley P gets when I sing to him - part of his bedtime routine is me singing "Amazing Grace," and sometimes he will coo at the same time, like he's singing with me! It cracks me up and melts my heart all at once.
*Missed when he did his first roll - I was at work, and Ben called to tell me. I was so excited and so sad all at once. I think my response was "oh my gosh that's awesome, but I missed it!"
*Received some heart breaking news from a fellow infertility warrior last week. Not my story to tell, but suffice it to say infertility is a bitch, and "survivor's guilt" is a real thing.
*Are still working on sleep. The nights are sloowly getting better, but Parks is still a crappy daytime napper - typically only about 40 minutes at a time.
*Aren't going to think about how we are 1/4 of the way through his first year already - woah baby!
*Love how he loves us! He's always recognized our voices, and he'll smile at people, but he saves the biggest smiles and giggles for Ben and me and it warms my heart!
We love you Parks!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, I love this recap! I can't believe he is already 3 months old. It doesn't seem like that long ago that you were sending me belly pics! I love all stages, but I really like the stage when they start to smile and giggle and interact with you a bit more! And I'm happy to hear that pumping at work is going ok!

Katelin said...

Love love love this! His side eye game is amazing, seriously love his judginess so much. And oh man, the teeth and the sleep. Riley's flip flopped I swear, better day time napper and terrible night time sleeper. Come on babies, sleep is awesome!

Also, yay for enjoying tummy time, such a game changer. Also love that playmat picture, too cute. Basically it's all cute and I wish our boys could play together and I want to nom Parker's cheeks all the time, ha.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Teething takes FOREVER- especially that first tooth. My daughter was drooling and putting everything in her mouth for a long time before we actually saw evidence of a tooth (in month five).

Parker is so cute!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Aw I LOVE THIS LITTLE BABY. He is so stinking adorable.
Can I just send 1 million hugs on the missing things? I went through this. More than once. 1 particularly epic time involved Max rolling over the second way (I missed the first also) when he was with Eric. At the time he was basically attached to me by the hip/boob whenever I was home and Eric was rarely with him alone and yet the one time he was, he did something new. There was a major flip out following that.

Amber said...

Three months already! Crazy! It sounds like you are really settling into motherhood. This was definitely the point where some of my other new mom friends felt like life was more settled and things didn't feel quite as *hard* anymore. Parks is so sweet and I love that he gives you the side eye and also that he reserves his best smiles and giggles for you two!

Nora said...

Things that make me happy: I get to see you, Burrito Ben and Burrito Parks at the end of this month.... which also means I should put in my vacation time. Ha.

Thanks for sharing these updates! So much fun to see/read :)

Nicole said...

OMG SO ADORABLE! That is all. :)

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