Sep 7, 2015

A few observations

Dear Parks,

Oh Bubba! You are amazing and hilarious, and it's crazy to think we've only had you in our lives for four months because you've completely transformed our world.

There are so many things you've done already but there are a few that melt my heart every time, and I need to write them down so I don't forget them!

In the mornings when you wake up, I say "goooood morning," in a singsong-y voice as I walk into your room and your eyes search for me - I repeat myself until you find me, and then you smile; sometimes it's a crooked little grin, sometimes it lights up your whole face, but it cracks my heart wide open. It's the best way to start my day.

You don't mind being swaddled, but as soon as your arms are free you throw them above your head like you've never. stretched. before.

You know and love your Daddy and seeing you together makes my heart so happy. You two already have games established and they mostly involve making each other laugh.

You get chatty when you're tired, and when I sing lullabies you coo, so it sounds like you're singing along. It cracks me up!

For as much as I complain about you fighting sleep (you only nap for 30-45 minutes at a time), your Dad has pointed out you're essentially me, in baby form. Your hands get shaky when you're sleepy and overstimulated (my teeth chatter when I'm really tired), and even if you're exhausted you want to see what's going on, similar to the phrase I always say: "I'm just going to do one more thing..."

A lot of motherhood is not glamorous, and sometimes it's really hard. However, after a frustrating day, there's nothing better than rocking in the glider, feeling the weight of you in my arms, your milk-drunk breath tickling my neck, and hearing your little coos and giggles in your sleep.

You made my heart bigger. When I receive good news my happiness is fuller, as is my sorrow when I hear bad news.

You've turned my world upside down, in the best way possible. You're my favorite little guy!

All my love,


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

(I think my comment just deleted itself but if this is double I'm sorry) I love reading these adorable stories about him!!! He is the best!! Being his mom is just going to keep getting better and better every day!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a sweet letter to your beautiful baby boy! I can see how having a child makes your heart grow and grow and grow!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

You two are adorable. And yes, the sad stuff is felt deeply now.

Nora said...

That photo at the end slays me. I love his little lumberjack outfit. What a sweet letter this is - thanks for sharing it with us :)

Katelin said...

Stop it. SO MUCH CUTENESS. Love all of this. xoxo

Nicole said...

He has such a sweet smile!!

Amber said...

Oh Parks! So sweet and cute. I love these letters and can't wait to meet this little guy one day!

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