Sep 2, 2015

The fourth month

*Still loves flying or "air swimming."
*Continues to make great faces, and when combined with his belly laugh...well, I dare you not to smile.
*Shows interest now when you're reading him books. Granted, sometimes it's only to try and put the book in his mouth, but still! 
*Loves the mirror, except when he's tired - then he is appalled you put him in front of it.
*Gets giggly and chatty when he's tired - with Ben this means they go back and forth laughing at each other, with me this means he coos when I sing him lullabies and it sounds like he's singing with me!

*Is officially in six month clothes - one day his 3-6 months outfits still fit, the next, not so much!
*Had his first encounter with a little cold/congestion, but we all survived!
*Is getting pretty good at gripping things, and while I still think we're close to teeth, nothing yet, but everything goes in the mouth and gets drooled on.
*Has started to reach forward and put his fists (they're usually still clenched) on my cheeks or chin while I'm talking to him, like he NEEDS to hear EXACTLY what I'm saying!
*Is starting to prioritize what things to let go. Unfortunately blogging is one of them right now, but I have such limited time in the evenings (by the time I get home from work there's usually only a couple hours until P's bedtime), I have to decide what's most important to get done.
Photo courtesy of the lovely and talented Jess
*Is really struggling with how much longer I want to be pumping. There have been some stressful days lately and a lot of factors are contributing to my slight decrease in milk supply, so while I'm still going for now, we'll see how long I can keep it up. (I have a whole post about exclusively pumping and pros and cons, but...see above point).
*Is tired. All the time. Some days it's worse than others, but honestly, this is just a way of life now! (A lot of this plays into the pumping as well). I actually was trying to finish this post during a night pumping and fell asleep during it. I think I caught all the typos but...
*Am amazed at how much fun Parks is - he smiles so much and laughs, and it's really cool to see him discovering things, like his feet. He'll look at me like "OMG Mom, did you know about feet? They are AWESOME!"

*Are surviving. Parks is starting to slowly hit this four-month sleep regression I keep hearing so much about, and in the first month I went back to work our dryer died, Ben's car died, P came down with his cold/congestion, and at the end of that week (yes this almost all happened in one week) the air conditioning stopped working in our house. The a/c is now fixed, we're hoping to get another car shortly, we have a lead on someone selling us a dryer, and Parks is 100% better now, but for a few days we thought our heads might explode from stress. (When it rains it pours, right?)
Another one from his baptism - love that Ben has a burp cloth in his back pocket!
*Are trying to take care of each other as well as P. It's so easy to just go go go, but small gestures go a long way - like Ben prepping pumping stuff for me, or me telling him I got the snacks he likes - it's those times when I'm reminded that this parenting thing can be hard but I have the best partner throughout it.

I can't believe you're already four months old Bubba! You are growing and changing so much these days - we love you to pieces!!


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

AH! He is the CUTEST. I know it's near impossible to find time to blog but I'm glad you are doing updates anyway because I love reading them! (and it's all about what i love, clearly!)

Also, can I just say you are a rock star for exclusive pumping this long? Anytime you want to stop you are still AMAZING. The end.

Nora said...

Love this update; it's even more fun now that I know him in person and can hear his voice, his laugh and OMG the drooling. Still the funniest/most ticklish thing when he was nom-ing (is that a verb?) on my thumb.

You and Ben are awesome. We all think so. Hope you guys think so, too. <3

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for the update on Parks! I can't imagine how busy you are right now with working, caring for an infant and pumping! I am glad you have a great partner by your side. You guys have definitely been dealt more than your fair of extra challenges with the car problem, dryer problem, etc. ugh.

Love all the photos of P! He is so cute!!!

Stephany said...

Maybe I'm just emotional today, but that last sentence made me tear up a little at work. I'm so glad you have such an awesome partner in this. And I can't get enough of little P. He's seriously the cutest.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I love being able to share the little moments with A! It's so nice to have a partner. I'm not sure I'm strong enough to do it alone.

Amber said...

Yikes what a crazy stressful week that was. How many things can possibly go wrong in one week? Hopefully you've hit your quota for like year worth of problems now. Parks is such a cutie and is growing so fast!

Katelin said...

Eeee how is he four months old already!? So much cute. And I pray the four month sleep regression does not hit badly, because good lord I think we're still in it, oy.

And air swimming is the best description ever, ha.

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