Oct 27, 2015

Half a year

Dear Parker,

You are six months old today - wow, wow, wow! There were moments during my pregnancy where time seemed to stand still, so it seems a little unfair that once you're here it's flying by.

I remember so much about the night you were born, and while you are still little, compared to those first days you seem so big now!
This was the morning after you were born - you weren't even 12 hours old!
This past month has been hard for us - teething has wiped out you, me, and your Dad on a daily basis! There have been many tears - some on your part and some on ours. The good news is you won't remember the pain that teething is bringing you - and you won't remember how we've gotten frustrated either.

Your parents are not perfect people, buddy. We're going to make mistakes, but I promise we'll learn from them (and you will too!) and we'll keep going. This is what we do as a family - when things get hard we come together, support each other, and push through. And we always, always, take the time to laugh. (You're already mastering this skill quite nicely!)

Despite the hard moments, your Dad and I have been filled with so much joy since you came into our lives - sometimes I feel like my heart might burst from it!

Lately, when I pick you up from your grandparents' house, you've started greeting me in the best way. You see me, you blink a couple of times, then you start a slow smile that lights up your entire face. When I pick you up, you do one of two things - you snuggle in for a hug, or you grab my face and give me a look like "I can't believe it's really you!" You melt my heart, and I hope I never forget this feeling.

You are silly and hilarious and we love you so so much. I'm not sure I can explain how much I love you - how protective I feel over you, how I would do whatever I had to to make sure you're safe and feel loved; I'm sure I'll spend your lifetime attempting to put that into words.

You've been in this world for six months - and you've made our world complete.

Happy half birthday, Bubba - we can't wait to see what the next six months bring.

All my love,


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

6 months? How is this possible!! I love that you write these posts. They will be fun to share with P when he is older. I hope that you get a break from teething soon as I know that is a tough phase to go through! You guys are doing such an amazing job!

I can only imagine the love you feel for Parks but you do a great job of putting it into words. I bet that becoming a new parent has given you a new understanding and appreciation for the love your parents have shown through the years.

Family of four said...

Hey are you on Twitter? How do you find bloggers on blogger? Lol

Nora said...

How in the world has it been six months? I'm sure you ask yourself that question all the time. Just craziness! Love these posts and thank you for sharing them with us. <3

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

So happy for your little fam, friend. <3

Charis Faith said...

I blink and we're in another season and I can't imagine how much faster it's going with Parker! I love the little Bubba moniker! All the pictures you post I just love!!! I know that because you guys have always had the ability to laugh, even in the hard times, your future is bright!

Love these posts! Big hugs!!!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

AH, I love this kid and you. I am SOOOOOO excited that he is 6 months old because I feel like this is when it really got good/easier for me. Obviously it doesn't mean you'll have the same experience, but I'm just excited for you about what is ahead. Like that part about him starting to get excited to see you, that is just going to keep getting better and better. So much fun ahead!!! In addition to all the greatness and cuteness he already is now, which is A LOT.
Also great? He will start eating solids and you won't be the only food source... yay!

Leigh said...

Happy 6 months Parker! Oh man, teething is no fun at all. Tylenol and cuddles were the only thing that helped. Have any of them come in yet for him?

Katelin said...

Love this so much! Happy six months little guy. xoxo

Stephany said...

Six months?! What? Time is a'flyin with your baby boy. I hope he stops overachieving with growing those teeth to give you ALL a break. Has to be so hard!

His cuteness overwhelms me, I must say. Not many kids give me baby fever, but Mr. Parks? Oh yes!

Amber said...

6 months! Wow wow wow! So crazy!

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