Jan 28, 2016

The ninth month

Now that he's moving the pictures are a little more difficult to take - but at least he's smiling in these!
*Started the month off super cranky - between a developmental leap, crawling (he tends to not sleep well when he gets near physical milestones - sitting up, crawling, etc), and a lovely sleep regression, it was a hard beginning of the month!
*Thinks smashing his face against the side of the pack and play is hilarious. Hilarious! Also, the sleeping picture below is hard to tell but yes, he still sleeps with his butt in the air - just like Mama!
*Is on an orange food kick. He will eat green beans, peas, etc, but his favorites? Squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. (Seriously, I cannot get the carrots into his mouth fast enough).
*Is a little obsessed with feet - he'll grab his whenever he's on his back, but my foot in a sock? Most. Amazing. Thing. Ever. He studies it, grabs it, gets distracted by something else, and then starts the process all over when he spots it again.
*Is still obsessed with the washing machine, and is fascinated by the vacuum until you turn it on - then he demonstrates a hulk-strength grip on you to make sure he is securely in your arms.
*Loves playing peekaboo! He'll put something in front of his face and when I say "where's Parker?" he actually starts giggling before he pulls it away, so when I say, "there he is!" he lets out the biggest belly laugh!
*Already knows how to work his Mama. Instead of fighting bedtime with crying, he now snuggles up to me, gives me kisses, and then giggles. It melts my heart every time, but I just rub his back and say "thank you baby, I love you, time to sleep." Sometimes he'll do it five or six times in a row and it takes everything in me NOT to laugh, because then it's a game, but oh! So sweet!
*Speaking of bedtime - Parks used to hum with me while I sang to him at night, but now that has evolved into this noise where he's part spitting/making raspberry sounds, part almost clucking his tongue; essentially he's beatboxing against my shoulder. Between this and the kisses, I do believe I would win a gold medal in being able to withhold my laughter during bedtime.
*Is really starting to show a preference for books and it makes my heart so happy! The other day he was playing with toys and spotted a book. He picked it up, then handed it to me, and grinned the whole time I was reading it to him. So...my job as a parent is done, yes?
*Is starting to crawl faster now and pulls himself up on anything (or anyone) that he can! Holy moley!
*Is still exclusively pumping. STILL. PUMPING. I have officially been pumping for the length of a pregnancy! Also, according to my pump log app, I have done more than 1,000 pumps. If you asked me two days ago if I was planning to continue, the answer would have been a resounding "no," but for now I'm hanging in there. Parks is going through a growth spurt so he's drinking more than he normally would which is good, but also a whole other level of exhaustion for me. I'm really trying to not let my worth be defined by the number of ounces I pump in a day.  (I might have also started mentioning to Ben that while I'm not a fan of the "push present," I'm warming up to the idea of a "pump present" once I'm finally finished. P's birthstone is diamond...just saying!)
*Has jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon. I don't have a whole lot of time away from curious hands to do this, but my last pump of the night flies by then I have something fun to color. (Have you tried this yet? So relaxing!)
*Feels like month eight to nine has simultaneously been the hardest and the most fun.
*Had a ROUGH start to the month - Ben got sick over New Year's (for the first time ever we actually spent it in two different houses); he had a bacterial joint infection that was caused by strep throat - except he didn't get sick like you do with strep (no sore throat or fever), just craaazy joint pain. He was on antibiotics and steroids, and I thought I would collapse from doing it all. (Single parents, NO idea how you do it). This was also around the time when I was having big supply issues so to say I was a ball of stress at the beginning of the year would be a bit of an understatement.
*Survived the beast of the snowstorm! We got 30 inches of snow! (Remember our white picket fence? The snow was level with the top of it!) Parks was all about watching the snow from the window, and while he thought snow blowers (God bless our neighbors) and plows were fascinating,
 when we took him outside and showed him the snow itself he was less than impressed.
*Have actually started calling him Parker because we want him to know his name, but when Ben and I talk about him, we refer to him as baby bird. When he's asleep but knows a bottle is coming (like when we're sitting in the glider), he makes this little face where his eyes are closed but his mouth is open like a baby bird searching for food, and it's become a funny little joke for Ben and me.
*Have started some baby sign language with him - mostly just the signs for eat when he's getting food, and milk when he's getting a bottle but I'm interested to see if he picks it up!
*Have a date this weekend! I took a page out of Ashlee's book and for Christmas gave Ben a "year of dates." A date once a month, every month, where someone is watching P, and Ben and I are going out and doing something. I'd like to say I have them all planned out, but sometimes arranging childcare ten months in advance is a bit...tricky. However, I do have the ideas for all of them, and the first one is this weekend - it'll be really nice to reconnect just the two of us!

Ohh, nine months baby boy! Next month you will be double digits which means one year is not that far away - sometimes the days seems long, but they truly are flying! We love you so much!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love that you gave Ben a year of dates for Christmas - that's genius! Parker is so darn cute. I love all his little facial expressions! He's definitely a mover and a shaker given how early he started to crawl! Sounds like the early part of the month was sooooo rough for all of you, though. I am glad it finished off on a better note.

And way to go on the pumping! You are amazing!!! And I think you should totally treat yourself to a pumping present. :)

Charbelle said...

He's just so adorable!!! With all his orange food his nose might take on a really really cute orange tint. Love that you are doing the year of dates, I am looking forward to reading the fun things that y'all do!

Nora said...

I love the idea of a pump present. How is that not already a thing? You'll have to keep us posted on what you treat yourself with (or what Ben treats you to!).

Hooray for date night this weekend! How fun that will be for you both. As you know, I love these recaps :)

Alli said...

"Is a little obsessed with feet"... Now all you have to do is teach him how to give you a pedicure and you're golden.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

We loved signing with my daughter. Be consistent and do it a lot and Parker should catch on quickly (we started at 4 months with my daughter so it took longer). Signing made meal times SO MUCH EASIER because we didn't have to guess at what she wanted once she got the basic signs down.

Stephany said...

Why don't I leave near you? And then I could babysit Parker whenever you and Ben need a date! :) Sigh, these darn distances!

I can't believe Mr. Parks is 9 months old already - NOR that you have been pumping for nine loooooong months. You deserve that pump present for SURE!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

UM YES, you need a pump present (and I also don't care/do push presents but seriously). I recently heard someone say on a podcast that she plans a trip for herself after she finishes breastfeeding each baby, ha ha.
Parker you are ridiculously adorable and I love you. So does Max, especially when you dislike snow just like him.
Sickness is the worst part of parenting thus far for me. Max being sick. Me being sick or Eric being sick. It's all terrible. I also don't love sleeping issues but I swear sickness brings on most of those ha ha.
So glad you guys are doing a date each month! It's such a great idea.

Katelin said...

I love his squishy face on the pack and play, too cute! And seriously, what is it with vacuums?? We bring it out and Riley goes into full meltdown mode. He despises that thing. Almost as much as he despises the blender, ha.

But really, love this. Love these pics. Love Parks' smooshy skeptical face so much.

Nicole said...

Omg he's SO BIG! And adorable!!

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