Mar 31, 2016

The eleventh month

*Is 11 months old. ELEVEN months, people. In less than a month he will be one year. Howwww is this possible?!
*Was introduced to the swings at the beginning of the month and love love loves them! (See evidence below). Now that it's starting to get warmer outside we're making an effort to take him on a walk or go to a playground to swing as often as we can.
*Got his first shiner! (See above). Just a little bump into a sliding glass door - Parks was upset but calmed down quickly, so we were all surprised when he had a little black eye a few minutes later. I actually think it made him look fierce - ha! We are definitely in the rough and tumble phase and I'm sure it's going to get worse before it gets better. I feel like I'm constantly finding new bruises or scratches on him!
*Is such a people person already - when we're at stores he's constantly turning around and moving in the cart so he can check out the people we're passing, and if there are kids or babies there he kind of yells in an excited way as we go by!
*Still loves water, baseball, and has become even more into cars and trucks than he was before. A friend asked me for a suggestion for his first birthday and my response was, "if it has wheels, you're golden."
*Is a speedster crawling around! He pulls up and cruises - still not too interested in taking steps, but he's standing better now too - he's more stable and will stand for a few seconds without holding onto anything before he plops down.
*Has more teeth. (I mean really, are you surprised at this?) Two of the 12-month molars have already shown up and holy freaking horrible.
*Is still a pretty good eater. I get nervous with new foods because there are so many random allergy issues in our families, but we've gotten better at letting him try new things. (And by food I mean real food not just baby food - he's been eating baby food for months). The first time we gave him chicken I thought he was going to lose his mind - we couldn't give it to him fast enough!
*Has a new hilarious expression! He'll still scrunch his face up when he's pleased with himself, but now when he's excited about something he opens his mouth and makes kind of a frown but in an excited way. That's the worst description, and we have a lot of videos of it but not too many pictures. This is the best we've got right now - and yes, it's even more hilarious in person.
*Said his first word! One night we were all in the kitchen and Parks was looking at our calendar - I made it in Snapfish so each month it's various pictures of him and us with him. I had flipped to April to check a date, and he reached his hand out towards a picture of me, and said, "Mama!" Ben and I looked at each other like "did that just happen?!" It took him a few days before he said it again, but then it was mama, and dada, and he does a lot of ba-ba-bas too. It's like once he decides to do something he fully commits - all in!
*Now babbles himself to sleep which is so sweet. Sometimes he still gives me kisses as I'm walking with him and I have to acknowledge them. I sing to him as he goes to sleep but when he gives me a kiss I'll say, "thank you baby, I love you." One night I didn't say that, and he kept his mouth on my cheek until I did, like "um mom, I am doing this awesome thing, you need to recognize it." So funny! Also, now when he goes to give kisses I automatically say "no biting!" so he doesn't chomp down on my cheek!
*Is going through a Meghan Trainor phase. I think Parks likes her videos because they're colorful and a little crazy, but Better When I'm Dancin' is his favorite. I actually can't play it when he's in the bouncer (and I'm pumping) because he gets really frustrated - we have to be able to dance together while it's on!
*Is waving much more consistently now and it's the best. He does it with both hands and one of them is usually turned towards him so it's like he's waving to you and himself!
*Has been amazed at the silly things that can happen that make for good stories later. A few weeks ago Parks was getting fussy near the end of my evening pump - Ben was at work which means P was in the bouncer/exersaucer so I don't have to wrangle him while pumping. Fussy baby while pumping? No problem, it's not my first rodeo. I pull toys out from where I have them shoved in the glider next to me (for just such an occasion), and the first one I grab is Creepy Monkey. (I've talked about him before but to refresh your memory: this stuffed animal is a blue monkey that has a weird expression on its face and when you push its stomach there are children laughing. It's weird and creepy, hence the name, but P LOVES it). I pushed Creepy Monkey's stomach and the children start laughing. I roll my eyes but he is enthralled, and doesn't seem to mind the noise on top of the music going in the background. Creepy Monkey is annoying but P is no longer whining, so whatever.

A couple minutes later as I'm turning off the pump, I realize the monkey is still laughing. Typically, you push the stomach, the children laugh for 10-15 seconds and then it stops, so you have to push it again. It had been laughing the whole time! I guess I was used to tuning it out, but it had been going for a good three minutes or so. I started pushing the stomach to see if I could get it to stop but here's the thing about Creepy Monkey - there is no on/off switch, and you can't get to the batteries inside. (This is actually the second Creepy Monkey we had because the first one died and the only way to replace whatever battery it runs on is to tear it apart). I COULDN'T MAKE IT STOP LAUGHING!

All I could think was I couldn't listen to this all night. Even if I managed to bury it under a pile of blankets to muffle the sound I would *know* it was still laughing. So when I was finished pumping, I picked up Parks (who was holding the monkey), we went outside, and I locked the monkey in my car. I couldn't think of anything else to do! I don't know when it stopped but the next morning it was quiet in my car when I left for work.  

*Has survived eleven months of pumping. Holy moley! I've talked before about having problems with my supply - Parks pretty much only drinks the minimum amount of milk he has to have each day (and he eats tons of food), but it's gotten to the point where I'm not even producing what he needs for a day. We've gone through the freezer stash, so we started supplementing with formula this past week.

The first day was horrible. We tried Nutramigen, which is a formula typically used for babies with dairy issues - it has the cow milk protein but it's already broken down so it's easier to digest. We knew this formula was gross though - it's not like regular formula - everyone we've talked to that's used it says it's really thick, it smells, and they're always surprised the baby actually drank it. (You know where this is going, right?) When Ben tried to give Parks a bottle of it he screamed and choked and fought him so hard that Parks accidentally scratched Ben and drew blood! Ben spent 20 minutes trying to give him the bottle and P maybe took two sips. The next day we tried a formula that was more normal - it has milk in it but it's partially broken down (it's aimed at babies with sensitive stomachs), and it also has a probiotic in it to help with digestion. We figured this would also blow up in our faces but we wanted to see how he would do with a teeny bit of the milk protein and it was better to eliminate this as an option now before trying other things.

He took it just fine! He's had no physical reactions, no crazy tummy troubles, and we are stunned but grateful. He's only getting about 4 ounces or so a day (I haven't dropped a pump yet so I'm still pumping six times a day), but I'm so grateful he's doing well with the formula - that calmed a lot of my nervousness. (I cried the night before we tried it - this was hard on me for a lot of reasons and I have a post brewing about that, but I'm happy to say that has pretty much disappeared seeing that he's doing well with it).
Ninja baby - who needs throwing stars when you have Easter eggs?
*Need to get better at taking pictures with the three of us - I couldn't find one for this post!
*Are surviving these 12-month molars. Lord knows this boy has plenty of teeth, and we are pros at teething - whiny, clingy, some Tylenol, and maybe some rough nights, but we know what to expect. However, I firmly believe these molars are a circle of hell.

Each molar has four points (instead of two) that have to break through the gums, and they are twice the size of a regular tooth so the pain is more intense. We've learned how to read signs of one coming, but we can have two nights of almost no sleep (him up screaming multiple times), and there only's one point through - meaning there are still three more for one tooth. So, we are surviving!

*Can't believe he's going to be a year so soon. SO soon! At this time last year I was packing a hospital bag (little did I know I wouldn't need it for weeks), and thinking the pregnancy was taking forever, and now I am planning a first birthday party - this first year has flown!

Oh Bubba, we love you so so much! Thank you for bringing unimaginable joy into our lives - there's never a dull moment, but we love the adventure!


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

It's funny- I am amazed at how big he is getting and how quickly, but at the same time it's hard to remember when that cute little boy wasn't in your life! You probably feel the same way!

That creepy monkey story cracked me up!

I'm so glad the formula addition has gone well for you guys- especially that dairy has been okay! Maybe that means he will out grow all of his dairy allergy, eventually? I have thought of you many times and keep forgetting to ask how it went so glad to read this update!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that he did well with the formula addition! I am sure that gives you such peace of mind now that your supply has dropped. I still can not imagine pumping 6 times a day, though, so kudos for you for keeping it up. Will you stop when he turns 1? You are going to gain so much time back when you stop!!

The creepy monkey story is crazy! What a creepy toy!

I love seeing all the pictures of P. He is such a cutie!!

Charbelle said...

The creepy monkey story, oh my word!!! I'm so glad y'all found a formula that worked!!! SO crazy that this year has flown by!!! He is so super adorable!!!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Creepy monkey needs to be phased out hahahaa! We have a toy that would randomly turn on and say weird things too. Creepy.

Katelin said...

Aw I loved this! I can't believe Parks is almost one, what a sweet little big guy. His expressions are my favorite!! And ugh, I am dreading the molars. Somehow we haven't hit those yet but I'm just not looking forward to that. AT. ALL.

Also. I snort laughed at your creepy monkey story. That is just too funny.

Nora said...

How did I MISS this post? I love all the photos you are sharing, as always. Sending you lots of love and fingers crossed that this teething business is over SOON!!!

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