Mar 1, 2016

The tenth month

*Is SO sweet. He'll lean in to give kisses now, and when he's just woken up from a nap he's so cuddly it melts my heart!
*Has started to outgrow a few pieces of nine month sized clothes - I'm mentally preparing myself for putting him in twelve month clothes because it's going to be happening before I know it!
*Still makes the best facial expressions! His latest is to scrunch up his nose and huff in and out really fast - it's his "I'm pleased with myself" face and it cracks us up!
*No longer beatboxes at bedtime, now he just full on blows raspberries and essentially spits for ten minutes or so, sometimes alternating that with screeching. The other night he was making noises so loudly and with such enthusiasm (and he hadn't burped), he actually gagged and then puked everywhere. (And by everywhere I mean all. over. me. It's funny now, but at the time...) 
*Is quite the little reader! We read books before bedtime every night, and since most of them are board books he can grip them easily - he even turns the pages! And more often than not, he uses his left hand to do so - double win!
*Speaking of books, he loves the touch and feel ones, but sometimes instead of touching the fuzzy rabbit or fluffy tail of a dog on the page he will lean down and lick it! Weirdo.
*Is holding steady at seven teeth but has been chomping on toys a lot lately so I'm wondering if that last tooth is finally going to make an appearance, or if this is the start of the twelve-month molars. (He doesn't really like to take his time with teeth).
*Loves food. This sounds silly but while he's always been a good eater, he has become SO interested in watching people eat, so we've increased his foods and are trying to slowly introduce more actual foods (instead of just baby foods/purees). Avocado is currently his favorite.
*Has what we call "mad scientist" hair. His hair is slowly starting to come in and is still very light, but there's enough of it now to get messed up, especially in the back! (See above photo!)
*Sticks his tongue out, grins, and kicks his legs when he's happy or thinks something is funny - it's almost as good as his scrunch face!
*Still loves baseball. I mean LOVES baseball. As in, when we watch clips on YouTube he will not acknowledge that I'm talking to him unless I pause it, and then he looks at me like I committed the greatest offense ever. (Maybe a little preview of his teenage years?) I give you Exhibit A:
*Is pulling up on everything, and even cruising - taking little steps while he holds onto something (or someone). He's super fast when he crawls now, so I'm good with that, but let's wait a little bit longer on the walking mmkay bud?
*Will laugh in anticipation of things - before he pulls the blanket down when we're playing peekaboo, and if you're holding up a hand to tickle him he starts to giggle before you even start!
*Looooves making Ben laugh. If Parks does something and it makes Ben laugh, not only will he do it again, Parker will belly laugh along with Ben. I love watching the two of them together.
*Is starting to figure things out - for instance, turning the pages of the books, or when I'm getting him dressed, being able to put his arms (or at least hold them out) so they go into the sleeves. It sounds like something so small but it's so cool when we can almost see his thought process as he masters something new.
 *Um, might have inherited my temper. When he's not pleased with something he lets you know. Or when he's tired and doesn't want to do something he'll arch his back, screech, and sometimes even flail his arms. Most of the time he can be distracted by a silly song, noise, or a toy, but this doesn't bode well for temper tantrums down the line...
*IS STILL PUMPING! I kind of can't believe it! I was having such supply issues that I was convinced we'd be supplementing by now. The fact that I'm still able to provide all the milk for this goofball is a pretty amazing thing. At the nine month mark I had done more than 1,000 pumps - at ten months I've done more almost 1300. Crazy!
*Hasn't taken off my Valentine's Day gift from Ben since it arrived in the mail. I love love love it! (And there was a huge snafu on the part of the post office so I can also vouch for the owner of the shop and say she is considerate and has GREAT customer service!)
*Is having a hard time with Parks being 10 months. I'm better than my last post, but I think part of why I'm struggling being away from him (at work, etc) is because I feel like I'm missing so much. He's learning new skills weekly (if not daily), and sometimes it's hard to hear about it secondhand. I'm just trying to enjoy the time I have with him because there are still plenty of kisses and giggles and love that happen in the evenings and on weekends!
*Ben and I have made an effort to be nicer to each other, which can be hard when you're exhausted and you both aren't home at the same time.
*Are probably going to do a modified version of dairy-free living when I'm finally done pumping. Parks might outgrow this issue at some point, but my body has responded really well to cutting out dairy so we'll see!
*Had our second date night in our "year of dates." In January our date was not at all how we thought - Ben got sick the night before, I'd fallen while holding Parker and while he was fine, my ankle was not, so we ended up staying home, napping, and just rolling with it. Well I'm happy to report our second date night was a success! We had a bookstore date - went to B&N, browsed for a bit, and then sat in the cafe and talked for a couple hours. The point was to spend time together, not just be together doing separate things, so when we browsed we had to find three things that reminded us of the other person, or we think they'd like. It was so much fun! My parents took Parks for an overnight so we had a great date and were totally rested when we picked him up the next day!
*Officially call Parks our little dirt finder. We vacuum more now than ever since he's crawling everywhere, but he will inevitably find a piece of dirt we've missed, crawl over, and pick it up. So far he's been good about not putting it in his mouth and I'm able to take it from him but it's frustrating and hilarious all at once!

Parker boy you are double digits! You're going to be a year before we know it so we're trying to savor all these moments with you as we can! It's incredible to watch you learn and grow and we can't imagine our lives without you - we love you Bubba!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, he is such a cutie and it sounds like he is so much fun! My nephews did the whole arching back/stiff as a board temper tantrum thing. It was kind of funny to watch at the aunt but frustrating for the parents, I'm sure! Kids can get SO UPSET even at a young age!

I can see how it's harder to be away now that he's growing and changing and learning new things each day.

Charbelle said...

Love the pictures that you post always! Way to go on the pumping, you're a rockstar! That is so cool that you figured out a fun way to have a low key date and that was really the whole point of the project :) So hard to believe it's been 10 months, and yet seeing as how I know time flies it's not.

Kate @ said...

He is so darn cute & just looks like such a happy little guy. I love the mental image of him doing the huffing thing.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

He's the cutest and I just love how you describe his personality! So much fun :)
Glad your date went well!
I'm telling you, the best is still yet to come!!! <3

Stephany said...

His little face makes me so happy! A date night to the bookstore sounds so ideal. <3

Nora said...

I love these updates! So fun to see all these pictures.

You are a pumping rock star!!!!

Curious to hear more about the dairy free modified diet once you are done pumping, too!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

My child has my temper too. It's not cool. She also inherited both mine and my husband's stubbornness. Whoops. Love his smiley face. ;)

Katelin said...

I swear we have to vacuum all of the time. Riley is still finding pine needles, FROM CHRISTMAS. It's insanity. Also, love the year of dates, such a great idea. And my goodness I love Parks' scrunchy faces, so dang cute!

Amber said...

Oh he is seriously the cutest little baby ever!! I think that every time you post a new photo of him. Can't wait to meet you one day Parker!

Nicole said...

He looks like such a happy little guy!!

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