May 5, 2016

I see you

I see you.

In the baby aisle at Target, I watch as you run your fingers lightly over the toys, and clutch a tiny onesie. You spot me and your eyes drift to the curious boy in the front of my cart - you cast a wobbly smile in my direction, and head the other way.

I see you wielding your purse as a shield as you walk by the Mother's Day cards, head down, slipping on oversize sunglasses on your way out of the store.

I don't know what you're waiting for, but I do know the excruciating pain of waiting - of not knowing if your body will betray you again. I know the happiness you feel for a friend, just as I know the ache it causes your heart as you wait for your turn. I don't know if you've watched an ultrasound screen light up only to be told no.

I don't know your individual pain, but I see you.

Sometimes it helps to hear "I've been there," but sometimes nothing can soothe a shattered heart.

I see you.

It's almost Mother's Day. I know that hurt, I know that pain, I know you may not have the option of staying under the covers all day. You are not forgotten.

I see you.

Whether you are waiting for a phone call to match you with your child, if you're in that "two week wait" after a procedure, whether you're waiting to feel again after a loss, or if you're simply waiting for a positive sign on a pregnancy test.

I see you.


Amber said...

<3 <3

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well said, friend! You are so full of compassion and understanding because of what you have been through!

Katelin said...


Anonymous said...

This gives me all the feels. So well stated and beautifully written.

Patricia Venkatesh said...

Anonymous said...

what an exceptional elaboration of the target experience. i am very grateful that i stumbled to this blog . every word resonates to the experience of the infertile mothers .

keep writing , keep inspiring

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